This page lists the albums created under the Canon folder.  They are:-

041225Christmas  Photographs taken at John's house on Christmas Day, 2004.

050109Canterbury  After a Bird Forum visit to Dungeness, we visited Canterbury on the way back home.

050114Barnes  The record of a visit to Barnes in January 2005.

050214FiveOwls  We signed up for this trip hoping to see several different species of Owl.  We saw only one, the little owl!

050710Minsmere   On 10th July, 2005 there was a Bird Forum visit to Minsmere.  Nothing much happened!

060318Barnes  On 18th March 2006, BBF had a get together at Barnes.  The last photo shows who was there.

150530Cyclopark  In May 2015, John ran in the 10k at Cyclopark.  This is a record of that day.