Mayford Pond
sloeshieldbug2   Dolycoris baccarum  Sloe Shield Bug wildflowers-b  Wildflowers Ox-eye Daises, Red Clover, Lady's Mantle, Common Sorrel, Field Scabious, Ribwort Plantain, Meadow Buttercup and Common Catsear cowslips   Primula veris  Cowslips. mallards   Anas platyrhynchos  Mallards occasional visitors to the pond.
mouseeared-hawkweed-b   Pilosella officinarum  Mouse-ear Hawkweed - a typical acid grassland species. primroses-b   Primula vulgaris  Primroses - the Prima Rosa - the first flower of spring. sunhill-house-2006-b  Sunhill House in 2006 view060610-2  View of the pond taken on 10th June 2006.
view060610-3  View of the pond taken on 10th June 2006. scleroderma-citrinum   Scleroderma citrinum  Common Earthball - an inedible (but not poisonous) fungus commonly found on acid soils. boletus-appendiculatus   Boletus appendiculatus  A large toadstool that can be found in the surrounding grassland. clavulinopsis-helvola1   Clavulinopsis helvola  A beautiful fungus again associated with acidic heathland soils.
comma   Polygonia c-album  Comma - so called because of the white comma markings on the underside of its hindwings. commonbluedamsel-pale   Enallagma cyathigerum  Common Blue Damselfly - a pale specimen, possibly freshly emerged. commonblues   Polyommatus icarus  Common Blue - a pair mating in the grassland. earthfan-b   Thelephora terrestris  Earth Fan - a fungus growing on the roots of a diseased Lime tree.
fleshfly   Sarcophaga carnaria  Flesh Fly - this beautifully coloured fly is attracted to light coloured clothing and white paper. beetlelarvaelog  Cherry log that has been thoroughly tunnelled by Stag beetle larvae. blusher   Amanita rubescens  The blusher - rather dehydrated specimens. boletuschrysenteron   Boletus chrysenteron  Red-cracking Bolete
robinspincushion  Robin's pincushion. a growth on a rose bush caused by the gall wasp  Diplolepis rosae. rosehips  Rose Hips. russulabrunneoviolacea   Russula brunneoviolacea  Showing signs of being nibbled by slugs. caterpillar21   Pyrrhalta viburni  Guelder Rose Leaf Beetle
marshbedstraw   Galium palustre  Marsh bedstraw greatburnet   Sanguisorba officinalis  Great Burnet. fieldscabious   Knautia arvensis  Field Scabious. meadowsweet   Filipendula ulmaria  Meadowsweet.
dottedloosestrife   Lysimachia punctata  Dotted Loosestrife. muskmallow   Malva moschata  Musk Mallow.